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Mr. Beard

Professional Scissor Set

Professional Scissor Set

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This exclusive scissor set includes the following:

  • Barber scissors
These scissors are needed for beginners as well as professionals. The scissors are ergonomically adapted and adjustable, used for both beard and hair.
These sharp hairdressing scissors are ergonomically adapted for you who are professionals or beginners. With the adjustable screw, you can tighten or loosen the screw to the desired strength. Can be used for hair and beard.
  • Thinning shears

A pair of scissors designed for thick beard growth. Thin out the ends to give a fresher look. 

Do you feel that the top of your beard or hair is thick? Then the thinning scissors are the perfect choice to thin out the ends, resulting in a fresher look. 

  • Hairdresser's coat

For convenience, we have included a barber's cape to cover the clothes from hair. 

The hairdresser's cape ensures that you don't get all your hair on you while you cut your hair or beard. 

  • Cleaning cloth

The cleaning cloth ensures that your scissors are clean and fresh for the next time you cut.

  • Naked bristle

This neck brush is specially equipped to smoothly brush hair from the neck.

  • Hairpins

To control long hair while cutting, use the bobby pins to set the hair up.

Do you have long hair and it bothers you while you or someone else is getting a haircut? Then the hairpins are the perfect solution for putting the hair up. 

  • Knivkam

This exclusive knife comb is a multifunctional tool for you who want to save time but still want to get the best result. The knife comb is primarily used to add texture to the beard or hair, but can also be used to thin out the ends. 

All these tools come in a nice, black leather bag that you can store everything in. 


What's coming, Mr Beard Professional Scissor Kit?

Mr Beard Professional Scissor Kit contains a barber, thinning scissors, cleaning cloth, hairpins and knife comb. The set comes in a black leather case.

What are the features and benefits of using the Mr Beard Professional Scissor Kit?

Mr Beard was founded with an ambitious goal to produce exclusive beauty products that can be used in your home and stand out from the rest. The people greatly admire its products because it offers products that suit their lifestyle. This professional scissors kit gives a smooth finish to the hair. For people with thick beards, this kit also includes thinning scissors.

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