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Why should men use a personal beard trimmer?

Men all over the world have shifted from shaving to trimming as the trend and fashion for maintaining a beard has evolved. The time when only clean shaven men were considered men of class and sophistication has changed, men and society have now embraced a well-done, neat, well-maintained beard as a symbol of professionalism and sophistication. As this trend of men keeping and maintaining their beards progresses, the equipment used to maintain the beard also came into the limelight, especially the beard trimmers. Over the past decade, the beard trimmer industry has seen rapid growth in both sales and technology. As beard fashion evolves every day, the demands that people have on their trimmers also change.

When clean shaving was the trend, people used to get the perfect look by shaving with the razor blades, which were treated as very personal to a person, and these blades could not be shared with other individuals, considering the reason of hygiene and health, but since the trimmers now have replaced most of the blades, do you have to be careful about hygiene when using trimmers? Can two people use the same trimmer?


Well, the answer to the question of whether two people can use the same trimmer is no. Although all men still use it, no two people should share the same trimmer, and men should be careful about using theirs beard trimmer. However, the question is why should men use a personal beard trimmer? Here's why men should only use their beard trimmer.

1- Cleanliness:

The first thing to notice here is the cleanliness. Men who use beard trimmers would be well aware of the fact that while trimming hair can get stuck in the trimmer blade and many times the same hair can get stuck under the trimmer blade mast. This hair can carry an infection in one has them. If a person uses the same trimmer, there is a chance that the infection can be passed from one person to another. The chances of this may be bleak, but they exist; therefore, you should not take chances when using a trimmer.

2- Skin irritation:

You never know how a person uses their trimmer or in what condition the person keeps and maintains their trimmer. People can be lethargic and lazy, and these people don't care about the condition of the blades on their trimmers; they can wash the trimmer with water but do not allow the water to dry. All this affects the condition of the blades, they can rust, and when you use them on your face, the trimmer can give you a bad cut or maybe skin irritation.

Trimmers may not look as intimate as blades, but they do scrape some skin while people use them; their maintenance is another very personal matter. When you use your trimmer, you can be sure that you have a properly cleaned personal trimmer that won't give you an infection or skin irritation. To ensure you get the best trimming experience, choose a trimmer from Mr. Beard; our trimmers are the solution to all the problems you can face when using a trimmer. Check out our website for more information on the best trimmers available.

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