Naturliga tips för att odla skägg hemma

What do you need to know to grow a beard at home naturally?

 Every hair on the body comes, falls out and grows back in a set pattern until it eventually stops growing completely. As you get older, this usually happens. 5-alpha dehydrogenase is the enzyme that controls the growth of beard hair. This enzyme converts testosterone already present in the body into another DHT. DHT then interacts with receptors on each beard hair follicle to promote growth. And your genes play an important role in this.

It can be challenging and requires a lot of patience to grow a full, robust and strong beard. Even if you have a thick head of hair, it doesn't necessarily follow that you can grow a beard or mustache with the same ease. There is a certain commitment needed to grow a beard. But almost anyone can grow a modern, attractive beard with the right ones beard growth advice and regime.

Foods that promote beard growth and nutrition

Some vitamins may be able to stimulate hair follicles some of which have stopped producing new hair to start doing so again. Try to consume plenty of vitamin D. It can reactivate receptors in hair loss follicles. Several sources of vitamin D include:

  • Fish egg-enriched milk made from plants.
  • B vitamins and other factors.
  • A trusted source for growing healthy hair.
  • B12 in meat and fish, dairy products and wholemeal bread.

Regular exercise

Regular exercise would encourage hair growth and increase blood flow to the face. For your facial hair to grow fast and strong, the shoulders need a steady supply of nutrients and hormones. Regular physical activity nourishes your hair and completely relieves toxins from your skin. The hair and facial circulation system is improved with facial massage.

Managing stress

Sleep problems and disturbed routines often lead to problems such as facial hair loss. Sleep disorders destroy skin cells in sufferers. Many guys experience hair loss due to stress. Exercise and adequate rest will help you lower your stress.

Do not trim regularly

Trimma inte regelbundet

Allow the beard to develop  for at least  four to six weeks before trimming. You will immediately notice the dramatic change in your beard growth once you get used to this cycle. When it has reached maturity, you can take care of it. During the growth stage, trimming or shaping can slow the rate of development.

Keep the skin clean

Håll huden ren

Maintaining clean, moisturized skin creates an ideal condition for facial hair to develop rapidly. Oil, dirt and dead skin cells should not be present as they prevent the growth of your hair follicles. If you regularly wash and moisturize your face, your facial hair will grow much faster. You can maintain your beard beautifully by oiling it.

Quality of sleep

A decrease in the amount of testosterone hormones your body normally produces has been linked to insufficient or poor sleep quality. As a result, your beard hair will grow more slowly because there will be less DHT available to bind to its receptors.


Microneedling is said to promote healthier hair and increase blood circulation to your follicles, which will help promote hair growth.

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