Follow tips to grow a thick beard

Beards have seen a huge rise in popularity. Today, beards are quite famous as they are considered very fashionable and visually appealing to the men who have them. Beards are also considered the sign of masculinity and alpha males in several cultures around the world.

While most men have no problem growing a beard, it can be a huge task for others. There are many different things that you can use to grow your beard. In addition, there are several different tips that you can follow to help thicken and fill your beard. Some of the organic tips to thicken and fill your beard are discussed below:

Exfoliate and clean the beard

You need to exfoliate your face and wash your beard well. Exfoliation helps remove any build-up in your skin hair follicles which can cause a patchy or thin beard. You need to keep your beard clean by washing it regularly. You also need to make sure that no food particles or dust particles get stuck in your facial hair. Peeling helps keep the hair follicles free and able to breathe. This encourages beard growth. Having a clean space for your follicles makes your hair healthy. They also make your whole face look fuller.

Use a beard comb and oil.

Using a beard comb and natural oils have been proven to help the beard grow and smooth with thick hair. Using a beard comb helps detangle the hair and encourages hair growth. It also helps regulate blood pressure evenly to promote hair growth. Beard oil promotes hair growth and ensures that the hair is healthy and thick.

Maintain a diet with vitamins E, B and C

Vitamin E, B and C are directly linked to hair growth and maintenance. Therefore, having a diet rich in the following vitamins helps regulate hair growth. It also helps to give your follicles the necessary boost of nutrition they need to generate hair at a faster and thicker rate.


Exercise has been said to release high levels of testosterone in men. Beards are products of testosterone. That's why it's important to have some exercise in your routine to encourage and promote good facial hair growth. Having cardio in your routine is said to be very beneficial for beard growth. Exercising a little every day should ensure that your beard grows in a thicker and smoother manner.


Following these tips and resting well without stress is guaranteed to give you strong results. You will see yourself growing a lot fuller and a lot better beard. These tips will help you avoid thinning hair and an uneven patchy beard. These things help ensure that you have a thick beard that is very even around the entire face. They are all organic tips that are not harmful and do not come with any side effects.

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