Att organiskt växa och fylla ut skägget

Tips for organically growing and filling out your beard

Do you have difficulty growing your beard? Not everyone is blessed with good beard hair. In this article, we'll go over some of the most organic ways to thicken and fill out your facial hair. By implementing these tips and tricks, you will notice increased beard growth.

Keep skin clean and moisturized.

Keeping your facial hair clean and moisturized is just offering your beard hair a better environment for growth. They must be free of dirt, dead skin and oil, which will prevent the hair follicles from breaking. Moisturizing ensures that the skin does not feel dry, removes flaky and dry skin. Clean facial skin encourages hair growth. Beard hair grows out much faster if you clean and moisturize all the time.

Sleep quality

Studies have shown that not sleeping properly will reduce the natural production of testosterone in the body. This means less DHT for the receptors in the facial hair. This will cause beard hair to grow slowly.

Regular training

Exercising regularly will improve blood circulation in the face and improve hair growth. Facial hair requires a constant flow of nutrients and hormones into the hair follicles so that they sprout quickly and strongly. Regular exercise helps get rid of toxins from the skin, which provides nutrients to the hair. Facial massage is also a good way to increase blood circulation in the face.

Check for ingrown hairs.

An ingrown hair is tweezed or shaved hair that grows back into the skin. This leads to inflammation of the skin. Facial hair will grow unevenly if there are ingrown hairs on the face. So one must control ingrown hairs carefully. Exfoliating the skin will help get rid of ingrown hairs.

Have a healthy diet

Certain vitamins can help the hair follicles, which have already stopped growing, to become active again. Make sure you get a healthy amount of vitamin D in your diet. Some good sources of vitamin D are eggs, fish and plant-based milk. Research has shown that vitamin B also promotes healthy hair growth. Vitamin B12 in fish and meat and biotin in bread, nuts and dairy products are perfect for a healthy beard.

Refrain from shaving

Resist the urge to shave your beard. Let it grow out for at least four to six weeks. Once you get used to this cycle, you will eventually notice the drastic change in your beard growth. Once it has grown out, you can groom the beard as you wish. Shaping or trimming facial hair during the growth phase can reduce the rate of growth.

Handle stress

One should rest well and manage stress so that the damaged skin cells repair themselves. This will help promote beard growth. Exercise is also a good way to deal with stress. Blood circulation will in turn promote hair growth.


Growing beard hair can be a long process. Patience is the key to achieving perfect results. The tips and tricks listed above are proven and promise you healthy and full beard hair.

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