Enkla steg för ett naturligt skägg

Beard care for a natural-looking beard in 3 days in 2 simple steps

Beards for men today are a hot style. They represent macho in all its glory. A fully grown and well-kept beard makes the opposite sex swoon in admiration & flirtation. And what man alive today wouldn't do anything to get a natural beard in the shortest amount of time with ease? Below we show two simple steps to care for and grow a natural-looking beard in three simple steps.

There are several products on the market today that provide beard growth. But for a reliable and effective full beard in 3 days, this is the best way to achieve it with visible results.

1. Activator serum for beard growth

Activator serum för skäggväxt

Beard growth the activator serum works at double speed by activating dormant hair follicles to stimulate hair growth. In addition, it strengthens the beard, fills in bald spots and enhances the beard's full-grown appearance with an even distribution of hormones. Beard growth activators are effective over time with proper nutritional and hygiene maintenance. Faster beard growth is possible with dual action beard activator serum that works at double the speed and efficiency. The best stated uses for activator serum are:

-Fill bald and inconsistent beards - serums are like hormones that will push your beard to a new level of consistent beard growth. - fast, full and healthy.

-Quick / hasten a healthy beard - healthy beards will take time to grow with basic nutrition as we sometimes miss out on important nutrients in our diet. All dead hair follicles get access to the right balance of nutrition that makes the beard appear fully grown.

- Stronger and more resilient beard hair - beards are attractive when they are allowed to grow to a maximum size, length and thickness that is easy to maintain. Excessively long beards can appear messy or neat but still be a nuisance to others. But whether they are resilient or well-groomed, beards give vision to a man. For some men, beards are macho alpha style. It is part of their image and personality.

2. Beard growth kit

Skäggväxt kit

A beard growth kit is a complete grooming, trimming and maintenance kit that improves beard growth. The beard growth kit is a combination package with an activator serum, dermaroller, comb and disinfectant. The purpose and fascination of the products is to continuously groom, grow & shape the beard into the best style you like or prefer.

-Derma Rolls - Derma Rolls are specific for facial hair growth such as sideburns or the facial beard. They will give shape and structure to the appearance of the beard.

-Activator Serum - the serum revives and awakens the dormant hair follicles in the beard growth which will improve beard growth in the right places.

-A Sanitisers - items for rapid facial hair growth routines such as derma rollers must be clean before and after use.

-Comb - gives structure to the beard in a well-groomed & well-groomed appearance.


Beards have been a fashion statement for decades. And well-groomed & styled beards can win any man a lot of attention from the opposite sex. The two steps are your fastest way to a clean and bouncy beard.

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