Det bästa saxsetet för professionell skäggklippning

Professional way to trim beard with the best scissor set

Whether you've tried trimming your beard on your own or not, now is the perfect time to learn how to control and shape your beard to update your look. Shaping the beard takes patience, but the results are amazing and will enhance the look.

There are appropriate and inappropriate ways to shape the beard, and this winter it can be very helpful to have a well-groomed beard if you live somewhere with a lack of humidity and harsh winter winds that can dry out hair and skin. Get a professional scissors set from Mr Beard Shop Sweden for the perfect beard cut.

Perfect beard for men with a triangular face

Perfekt skägg för män med ett triangulärt ansikte

You can't go wrong with a beard mustache for men with wider cheekbones and a sharper chin. To balance the big chin, you can grow a thick mustache, beard and stubble and shave the bottom of the face short.

Perfect beard for men with a square face

If you're lucky enough to have a sharp jawline, you can accentuate it even more with a circular beard, which can also elongate the chin and even out the square proportions of the face.

Perfect beard for men with heart-shaped or round features

For men with rounder or heart-shaped features, a thick, long beard elongates the mug. To optimize the appearance of the growing beard, keep the sides short.

Perfect beard for men with an oval face

The easiest face shape to work with is an oval shape as it suits virtually any beard style. A thick beard is always a good choice; keep both sides bushy and trim the bottom for a complete look.

The perfect beard for men with diamond-shaped, oblong or rectangular faces

To soften the angles of the mug and make the face appear wider, keep the sides of the beard short and shape the lower part more rounded when trying to trim it for these face shapes.


Start by brushing your beard with a wide tooth comb to remove hair from your face. If you are happy with the length, you can use one right with blunt edges to trim the extra hairs.

Create a neckline

There are several reasons why men grow beards. For some men, the goal is to appear more natural. It can also be dangerous to pull the neck too high as it makes you look unnatural and over-groomed. It can also be dangerous to pull the neck too high because it makes the men appear unnatural and over-groomed. Mr Beard Shop Sweden offers exclusive beauty products for use at home and on occasions.

Taking care of the lips

When you're paying attention when styling your beard, pay attention to the edge that surrounds the lips.

It won't take long before you begin to perfect the beard shape with a little practice, persistence and work. Fortunately, this comprehensive guide on how to maintain the ideal beard shape for your face will help you find the one that perfectly suits your face shape and body type.

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