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How to grow a beard the right way?

Looking for the right ways to grow your beard? If yes, then you are in the right place. Having a healthy beard is a dream for many men. When puberty hits, boys start to focus on their beard growth. However, not everyone gets the most out of their teenage years for their beard growth. Even if you have a naturally thick beard, taming it well becomes a problem. But no one can deny the fascination of a well-kept, healthy and shiny beard. Here we share some tips to grow your beard the right way.

Understand your skin and beard hair type

Before starting the process of growing your beard, start by getting a proper understanding of it. Your skin also plays a crucial role in your beard hair growth. So it is crucial to understand your skin type as the first step. For example, you may have oily, dry or combination skin. The oily skin makes the beard greasy and frizzy. On the other hand, dry skin can cause itching or dandruff. The ways to care for different types of skin and beard hair will also vary.

Choose cosmetic products accordingly

Once you know your skin type, include this information when choosing your cosmetics and beard care products. Your skin type will largely define the beard care and grooming products you will use. For oily skin, try using a water-based beard oil, for example. The oil should be diluted and light on the skin to prevent clogging of the pores. For dry skin, choose beard oil with a good amount of jojoba oil, which helps moisturize the skin and hair.

Groom regularly

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An untamed beard is also a reason for lousy beard hair growth. So make sure to groom your beard regularly. Start by trimming regularly. Keep stray hair in check. Also, if you don't have a specific beard style, follow the edges of your natural growth. Before changing beard hairstyles, wait for proper growth and trim it again. Otherwise, it may seem thin and scarce.

Keep it hygienic

Beard hygiene is important to promote its growth. So use a good quality beard conditioner. You can use a gel-based or water-based one depending on your skin type. Also include a beard exfoliator in your skin-beard care regimen. It would help if you washed your beard with water once or twice a day because a lot of dirt and dust gets deposited on it.

Similarly, sweat also makes it greasy. Finally, don't forget to protect your beard hair from the sun. So use a high SPF moisturizer or sunscreen gel for your beard.


A healthy beard requires constant effort. You need to take care of your skin as well along with your beard. Try to use good quality products like beard oil, SPF moisturizer etc. to promote beard hair growth. But also focus on the health of your inner body. A healthy body also promotes healthy beard growth. So eat protein rich nutritious food, drink plenty of water and have a good sleep cycle.

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