3 enkla steg för att odla skägg för första gången

How to grow a beard for the first time - 3 easy steps

The most important thing to understand about growing a beard is that you should grow one. To paint something, you need a canvas, and if you want a beard, you have to give up shaving for a while.

Still, there are some important things to remember to keep things tidy and growing beautifully, so we've compiled our finest beard growth advice to inspire you as you grow your first beard. Or maybe you've had a beard before, but this is the biggest beard you've ever grown. Or maybe it's the first time you've been honest with yourself about what's feasible, given the exact number and placement of the whiskers on your mug.

1. Set your goal, but be reasonable and let it grow

There are many different beard styles available; You don't have to stay with uniform, well-managed growth. Let the look you want to develop guide your development. But you emphasize "desire" because you may not be able to grow the perfect beard if your facial hair is not genetically predisposed to do so. You need to have reasonable expectations if your beard is patchy or has an odd growth pattern. This applies to all types of beards, large, small and medium. A virtue is tolerance. Time is not only necessary for virtually any style, but it can also help fill in any unevenness. Every week a beard changes to something else. So if it seems like you'll never reach your goal — especially if it's growing a long beard — you might wake up one day and find you've reached your destination.

2. As it grows, prune it and apply some nourishing treatments.

The other technique to maintain a conscious look is to shape and trim your beard as it develops. Although it seems counterproductive, you still have to have hairstyles when your hair grows out. This makes it easier to direct the hair exactly where it needs to be: Some areas are fuller than others. While the styling items in the following tips can certainly make an impact, you should first focus on maintaining appropriate hair control: This could mean looking for strays in place, cutting out breakouts, or simply removing some bulk. An electric shaver or a good set pulp are both necessary.

Whether or not you're serious about giving your beard the care it needs, there are a few products you should consider buying. A few drops of beard oil are instantly absorbed, giving your hair the nutrients it needs (plus a touch of shine) and helping to tame them. A beard cream or conditioner, which is a little heavier than oil, can be substituted to help shape the beard and keep it in place all day.

In addition, you want to keep the area tidy. Although dedicated beard washes are kinder to your skin, shampoo still works. In any case, moisturizing skin will prevent it from becoming dry and patchy.

3. Brush it off every night.

Borsta skägget varje kväll

For starters, beard brushes help exfoliate the skin under the beard, lifting dead skin cells  and preventing further scaling. Additionally, combing your beard every night helps maintain its health and manageability over time. By doing this, the skin's natural oils are distributed throughout the hair, where they would normally pool at the base of something like the shaft and only feed the tips of individual hairs.

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