Hur man främjar skäggtillväxt och odlar ett skägg

How to promote beard growth and grow a beard

Your genes have the most influence on the development of beard hair. Every hair on your body grows, falls out and grows back in a fixed pattern until it finally stops growing completely. Like other bodily processes, beard growth can benefit from proper nutrition.

Take a look at some ways to grow a beard:

Diet and food for beard growth

Certain vitamins may be able to stimulate hair follicles that have stopped producing new hair to start doing so again. Make an effort to consume lots of vitamin D. It can reactivate receptors in hair loss follicles. B vitamins and other factors are reliable sources for growing healthy hair, including B12 and biotin.

Good quality sleep

Lower levels of testosterone in the body are linked to insufficient or poor sleep, which causes the beard to grow more slowly.


  1. Wash your face twice daily to remove the hair follicles: If you have facial hair, use a gentle wash on it only if you have an ingrowing beard. Rinse the cleanser and/or shampoo from your hair with cool, fresh water, then pat your face dry with a soft cloth.
  2. Massage your face twice daily to stimulate the follicles: Use your fingertips to press firmly on your face, then massage the area where your beard is growing in small circular motions.

iii) Exfoliate your face once a week: Wash your face as usual with a mild soap or shampoo, but be sure to rinse well with warm water to keep the skin wet.

Uses beard oil and beard balm for beards

Beard oils and beard conditioners may actually offer some benefits; however, you should be skeptical of any product claims to promote beard growth. Maintaining softness and moisture in your beard hair can promote slightly faster growth.

Beard oil helps moisturize your beard for a long time and reduces dryness, itching or dandruff. Beard conditioner is especially important because it thickens and nourishes the real hair.

Use some nourishing products

A beard cream or conditioner, which is a little heavier than oil, can be substituted to help style the beard and keep it in place all day. A beard-specific cleanser would be kinder to your face.

Find a good barber

An excellent beard barber has a particularly steady touch and knows how to style your facial hair to look its best and give it the best shape.

Professional beard trimmers know the best cuts and styles to enhance the thick parts of your beard, so getting them done can also help your beard appear fuller.

Exercise to keep your body healthy

Three to four times a week of consistent exercise has been linked to stable testosterone levels, which support healthy hair growth. Your testosterone levels can rise if you follow a balanced diet and exercise frequently to reduce your body fat.

Pay attention to how your beard develops, live a healthy lifestyle and consult a doctor if your beard requires more care.

A person's ability to grow a beard depends mostly on their genetics, but there are several things they can do to speed up the process. Create a good grooming routine with beard care kits and other products from Mr Beard and get a great beard look.

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