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How to grow a beard faster?

få skägg snabbare

A deliciously thick beard can change a man's entire personality. You can't deny that a good beard makes a man look more masculine. If you have thick beard growth, you can experiment with different beard styles. But growing an excellent thick beard is not an easy task. Beard density and growth is strongly influenced by genetics. But by taking the right care and following a healthy lifestyle, you can influence yours beard growth widely.

You would have seen people with low beard density. But on the other hand, some people have thick beard density. Similarly, some people take days to increase their beard length by a few inches, while some take weeks. Of course, all these differences are due to internal body functions and genes. But even people with good genes need to take care of their beard to manage its growth at the most optimal levels. So here we share some tips to help you grow your beard faster.

Exfoliate more

You must have heard that good exfoliation makes the skin smoother and healthier. But exfoliation is also crucial for your beard growth. Our face experiences a lot of dirt and dust every day when we go out. In addition, our sweat glands and oil glands also make our faces oily. All of these things can accumulate together on the surface of the face. Additionally, this can lead to clogging of your hair follicles. Such clogging reduces beard hair growth.

Exfoliation helps remove dead cells and dust from the face. It is recommended to use the scrub on the face at least once or twice a week.

Correct moisture supply

Moisture is very crucial for a good skin appearance. But moisture also plays a crucial role in determining facial hair growth. The balanced re-moisturization helps keep your follicles healthy. It avoids the risk of dryness and flaky skin. As a result, proper re-moisturization also prevents your follicles from becoming brittle. This increases their growth and makes them stronger. Additionally, moisturizers with eucalyptus extract help improve beard growth.

Treat your ingrown hairs.

Sometimes after shaving, the hair grows back into the skin in an inverted shape. This is called ingrown hair. In addition, it results in point inflammation in that area. Ingrown hairs reduce the growth of beard hair. The beard becomes uneven due to ingrown hairs. Check for ingrown hairs after two to three days of shaving. Exfoliation also helps to avoid ingrown hairs.

Stress and fatigue management

Stress and fatigue negatively affect beard growth. It can also reduce hair growth. So it is crucial to manage stress and tension effectively. You can try mediation and exercise for better stress management.

Nutritional supplements

Vitamins like B, A, B1, etc., help stimulate better beard hair growth. So taking a good diet is also important. You can also take vitamin supplements to meet your daily nutritional needs for a healthy lifestyle.


A good beard can totally affect your personality and appearance. To get good beard growth you need to focus on a few points, such as taking a proper diet and supplements. Try to take less tension and manage your stress through mediation or breath work. Regular exfoliation and proper re-moisturization are essential for good beard hair growth.

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