Hur du tar hand om din professionella sax: Underhålls- och sliptips: Hur du tar hand om din sax

How to take care of your professional scissors: Maintenance and sharpening tips: How to take care of your scissors?

As an expert hairdresser, your scissors may be the most important piece of equipment in your inventory. Keeping your shears all around maintained and sharp is essential to ensure they perform at their best and keep going for the indefinite future. In this blog we will cover some maintenance and sharpening tips to help you manage your expert scissors.

Tips for support:

  1. Clean the scissors consistently:- After each use, wipe the scissors with a fine cloth to eliminate hair, product development or dirt. You can also use a small brush to stop debris from the turning area or between the edges.
  1. Oil the scissors:- In order for your scissors to work without problems, it is important that you oil them regularly. A drop or two of lubricant should be applied to the edges and pivot area, and the scissors should then be opened and closed many times to distribute the oil evenly.

Olja saxen

  1. Store the scissors appropriately:- When not in use, store the scissors in a protective case or pocket to avoid damage and keep them clean. Try not to throw them in a cupboard or leave them unprotected from moisture or excessive temperatures.
  1. Refrain from dropping or misusing the scissors: - If you accidentally drop or use the scissors for purposes other than trimming hair, you may damage the edges, the twist, or the handle. Handle your scissors with care to keep you away from pointless miles.
  1. Tips for Grinding:- Over time, even the best quality scissors lose their sharpness and need to be sharpened. Focus on how your scissors feel and work - if they feel dull or pull your hair, it's an ideal time for a sharpening.

Tips för slipning

  1. Hire an expert for weaning:- Self-sharpening the scissors can be dangerous and may lead to further injury. All things being equal, opt for an expert honing management that spends significant time honing styling scissors.
  1. Keep a reliable tip:- When sharpening your scissors, it is important to keep a steady tip to at least guarantee sharpening and a smooth front. Follow the manufacturer's suggestions for the correct timing or seek guidance from an expert sharpener.
  1. Test the scissors after sharpening:- Once the scissors are sharpened, you can test them on a couple of hairs to see if they cut smoothly and evenly. If they don't work well, If they don't work well, it may be the perfect opportunity for an expert change or a change.

If you follow these maintenance and sharpening tips, you can keep your expert scissors in top shape and be prepared for any eventuality. Regular cleaning, oiling and capacity will help extend the life of your scissors, and professional sharpening services can keep your cutting edge precise. Your scissors will serve you well for a long time if you take care of them properly.

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