Do derma rollers help with beard growth?

Beards are the fashion trend these days. Men all over the world have accepted beards as a major fashion statement and have started styling the beard in several styles. However, the problem is the fact that not all men all over the world can grow a beard. Some solutions exist to help men grow a full beard. One such solution used by men is the use of Derma rollers. Derma rollers are devices specially designed to rejuvenate the skin. But there is a cloud of doubt hovering over them. Do derma rollers help with beard growth? Here is the answer to this doubt:

1- Blood circulation and hair growth:

The primary use of a derma roller is that it stimulates blood flow. Like other vital things in your body, the hair on your skin depends a lot on the nutrients it receives from your body. Your blood flow is key to your skin and hair, and these require access to these nutrients. Nutrients like zinc and iron along with a host of other nutrients are a must for your perfect beard to grow. These roles help increase your blood circulation. The blood is the carrier of these vitamins and minerals. Increased blood circulation also means that a greater amount of minerals and vitamins will be available for the hair to access and grow.

2- Collagen:

Collagen is said to promote beard growth in many ways. Collagen contains amino acids. Amino acids are important for your beard and skin. Amino acids build hair protein and strengthen the skin that holds your hair. Our body contains a large amount of these amino acids, it's just that we need to access them. Dermarollers come in here. Derma rollers are said to increase collagen production under your skin and thus improve skin and hair growth. The collagen not only increases beard growth, it also improves the overall quality of the hair that is already growing.

3- The work:

Dermarollers are designed in a way that helps ensure that the right ingredients from the beard growth reach the right place. Dermarollers have a small drum-like roller that has very small needle-like projections on the surface. These very thin needles puncture the surface of the skin. This puncturing of the skin causes blood to flow towards the surface of the skin, allowing important ingredients such as zinc and iron to flow more towards the skin tissue. This also promotes the production of collagen.

Derma rollers are a very well engineered product designed to ensure that the body receives the stimulation required for hair growth. Since they can fulfill the purpose of creating the stimuli needed for hair growth, we can very well say that yes, Derma rollers help with beard growth.
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