Derma Roller ökar skäggväxten

Derma Roller An effective product for men to increase beard growth

Derma Roller ökar skäggväxten

The Derma Roller happens to be an interesting tool that can help increase beard growth. It is done through hundreds of tiny needles. The process of doing that is called micro needling. It helps to improve the production of collagen and blood circulation in the skin.

Now the question is, can a derma roller be used to grow a beard? It's a hot question, especially for many men who are curious about this microneedle device that is supposed to make the bread grow faster. And the answer is - Yes, it can.

A derma roller is safe to use on the facial hair region, and it helps with the thick growth of the beard. It is possible because there is enough science now to support this claim.

How does it work?

A derma roller or other similar microneedling devices are commonly used by women to remove facial wrinkles as well as to prevent acne scars and remove rosacea. But some of the brands have recently started to develop such products for men to make them more masculine. And so these have been renamed Beard Rollers. Be that as it may, one is Beard Roller Sweden or a Derma Roller more or less the same thing. However, the former costs more.

The mechanism of action is quite simple. First, the tiny needles on a beard roller penetrate the skin. The skin immediately reacts to the injury and initiates the healing process, improving blood circulation in the area. At the same time, hormone-rich blood, as well as nutrients, rush to the beard area.

As a result, there is an increase in the natural growth of the beard. Over time, the beard becomes thicker. In some cases, it is recommended that microneedling should be combined with other methods to fix beard growth faster. The men who have used a derma roller have in the past documented significant improvements, especially when it comes to beards.


An experiment was conducted to check how effective a Derma Roller was in stimulating hair growth. It was done on the scalp. To everyone's surprise, it was found to produce better results in new hair growth. The experiment was later published and the researchers concluded that it happened because the microneedle had activated the growth of the stem cell.

Now the most critical question - how relevant are such findings to the beard? Well, the probability is quite high that it will work on the human beard quite well. A 0.5 - 0.75mm derma roller would be more than enough for this job.

As of now, countless men have reported that their beards have improved after using these rollers. On top of that, there is now a scientific study in place confirming the authenticity of this approach.


Using a derma roller is a simple matter. All you have to do is roll it on your face a few times a week. The only precaution needed is to prevent infection. Make sure the skin has enough time to repair itself before you puncture it again with the roller. Two things are crucial. The first is the size of the needle, and the second is the frequency of use.

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