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Beard Growth and what to do about it

Men all over the world want a full beard that looks healthy. Beard fashion has been the highlight of men's fashion for a while now, and people are following this trend these days. Growth of thin beard is dependent on many factors, especially genetic factors. Some men have a very thick full beard while many struggle to maintain the same. They want to fix their patchy beard. So, how does a fox grow a goatee? What can be done about it? Here are some ways in which you can have a full beard and reduce the patchiness of your beard.

1- Trust your beard:

This sounds very dramatic but the first step towards fixing your patchy beard is by trusting your beard. If you have a patchy beard, don't worry, focus on the areas that have good beard growth. Regular shaving and trimming may not be the best solution to fix the patchy beard, instead be patient and wait for your beard to grow to its full potential.

2- Choose what is the best style:

One of the biggest problems is that people think that a full beard is the only good beard style. However, this is not true. One must be sure that people with patchy beards can have a very good and neat beard that also looks well-groomed. One should search for the style options available for the beard the person has and try the style. If that suits you, your problem is solved.

3- Take care of your beard:

Beard hair is much more sensitive than the hair on your scalp and therefore it becomes extremely important to take care of the beard hair. Using natural beard care products is the most important thing. Use beard oils rich in vitamins A, D and E. Prefer beard oils that have saturated or monounsaturated oil in them such as coconut oil and jojoba oil instead of those with polyunsaturated oil. You can also use beard rollers, which help maintain good blood flow to your beard hair follicles, ensuring your beard gets enough minerals for growth.

4- Train your beard:

To train your beard is to groom it so that it follows the path you want it to follow. Make sure when the beard grows towards its full potential, it grows towards the places that have less hair. This will help you cover the bare beard spots.

5- Change lifestyle:

The last but one of the most important things to do is to make sure that you change your lifestyle for the best. Sleep well and exercise. This will help you increase the level of DHT and testosterone in your body.

A patchy beard is nothing to worry about. The ways listed above will help you overcome it so that you can style your beard the way you want.

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