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Is it possible to speed up beard growth?

Men begin to grow facial hair during puberty. Many of them will notice that their facial hair first begins to grow on the upper lip. Other areas where people may notice early facial hair growth include the chin or the sides of the face near the ears, which people call "sideburns." Facial hair grows differently for everyone. Some people may be able to grow a full beard in the middle or even late stages. While some people never significantly grow facial hair, others may have sparse areas of growth until their late 20s.

This article will examine the variables that affect beard growth and whether it is possible to speed up beard growth.

Tips for beard growth:

A person's health and well-being affects how the whole body works, including the beard growth. While it is not possible to change someone's genes, they can adopt lifestyle behaviors that help them grow a bigger beard.


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Exercise increases blood flow, which promotes hair follicle growth. Weight lifting and strength training are other good ways to increase testosterone levels. In young guys, testosterone levels fluctuate throughout the day, peaking in the morning and falling in the afternoon.


A nutritious diet and good nutrition will help you grow a beard and stay healthy. Low testosterone and obesity have a bidirectional link, meaning that low testosterone can cause obesity and obesity can cause low testosterone. For example, zinc can also be good for testosterone levels. A healthy diet won't change your genetics, but it will help your current hair grow healthier and fuller.


Certain supplements can help people maintain their health in a way that allows them to grow their beards as long as their genetic makeup allows. If a person's diet lacks iron and zinc, they may want to take a multivitamin that contains these elements. However, there are no nutritional supplements that will allow a person to grow a beard if they lack the necessary DNA.

Skin care routine:

Maintaining a healthy skin care routine, which includes keeping the beard clean, can positively affect how a person's beard grows and looks. By removing dirt and dead skin cells from the area surrounding each hair follicle on the face, exfoliation can help hair grow through the skin unhindered. Exfoliation can also help reduce ingrown hairs in the beard. Beard leave-in conditioner can nourish and moisturize the hair. This reduces and prevents dandruff while making the beard look fuller. Do a patch test to determine which products work best for your beard.


Sleep, in addition to being essential for overall health, can also help with beard growth. When men sleep, their testosterone levels rise. Limiting the amount of daily sleep in healthy young boys reduces testosterone levels.


Growing a beard is mostly determined by genetics. However, testosterone affects how fast and well a person's beard grows. By exercising routinely, eating right, getting enough restful sleep, and exfoliating, a person's beard can grow as thick and full as it naturally can. 

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