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5 classic beard and mustache styles

If there has to be one thing in men's fashion that has dominated the last decade or so, it has to be the beard and moustache. Beards and mustaches have been the one major fashion statement that has been accepted worldwide by men. People from all over the world have this huge similarity with beards and mustaches. Men style them in many ways, while most men stick to the general beard shapes, there are a few men out there who like to have a unique beard and mustache style. Beards that were once considered shabby are now widely accepted even in offices. If you are a beard and mustache lover and like to style your beard and mustache in the best styles available then here are the 5 classic beard and mustache styles.

1- Stubb:

The people who are still not sure about going for a full beard, for them stubble is the best style to wear. Sitting between a clean shave and a short beard, stubble is both practical and visible in length while fulfilling the goal of looking rugged. Depending solely on your hair growth, the stubble can take a week or two to grow to its length, and the style is also very easy to maintain.

Trimmat skägg

2- Short beard:

If you want that flamboyant summer look that makes you look cool and smart then the short beard is the best style for you. Exceptional for both professional and personal style, the short beard gives you an extremely rugged masculine look. The short beard also gives you the freedom to style it in several ways. The best way to maintain your short beard is to keep the hair on your cheeks and neck neatly combed at all times.

Trimmat skägg

3- Trimmed beard:

One trimmed beard is a full beard with long hair, only the hair is styled so that they are in line with the shape of your face.

The trimmed beard style requires constant maintenance and must be perfectly shaped to look good. It takes some time for people to learn how to trim beards and mustaches to get the perfect look, but once mastered, there's nothing prettier.

4- Anti-tail beard:

Masculine and extremely handsome are the two words that define the ducktail beard. The ducktail gets its name from the tail of the duck because when styled it looks the same. The duck tail is short on the sides and the hair length increases as you reach the chin on the face.

5- Chevron Beard:

If you want to make a subtle impression with minimal effort, the chevron beard is for you. The beard has style has a thick mustache that covers your upper lip and then bends down a bit over the edge, giving you a very masculine look.

Beards can be styled in many ways, from short hair to long, from angular to curved shapes. It all depends on how your face structure is and the limitation of how you want to style it.

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