Trimmer för män

10 tips for using the trimmer for men!

Hair seems to be here to stay, even if fashions come and go. At least for now. And as long as body hair is on the agenda, so is the regimen and equipment needed to keep fuzz at bay. As a result, choosing an electric shaver or trimmer for your bathroom cabinet is one of the most important decisions you will make. Trimming, priming and shaping are as much a part of a man's daily routine as a cold beer. So, here are ten ideas on how to use a hair trimmer for men.

Hair in the pub:

People love to trim below the belt, but it's important to use the right tools for your private parts. This is the last place on your body where sloppy technique or inferior equipment is acceptable. Look for a company that has a body shaver that can navigate your nether regions with exquisite sensitivity while giving you the smooth shave you want.


Trimming can easily thin out your bum hair, whether you have a little back fuzz or a full-on hairy mat. Use a guide comb to achieve the desired length and shave on wet or dry skin for a smooth shave that won't leave you with painful stubble the next day.

Hair on the brow:

A word of caution: incorrect brow brushing can seriously thin out your brows, so proceed with caution as those tresses may not grow out completely if you make a mistake. Many men groom their brows, but if you don't want to go to an esthetician, a trimmer is your best option.

Hair in the ear:

Many ear and nose hair trimmers are designed to remove ear and nose hair without hooking or pulling. Attempting to pull hurts and can lead to follicle infections, and using scissors can result in painful stinging or cuts. This smaller, lightweight and waterproof trimmer is a great investment for small hair removal jobs as you probably prefer tuft-free ears and nostrils.

Hair on the legs:

Men are shaving their legs in greater numbers than ever before, whether for sports, bodybuilding, tattoo display or personal preference. In recent years, the taboo surrounding men's grooming has faded considerably, and how you take care of your body and its aesthetics is entirely up to you. Choose where you want to trim and trim or shave to your heart's content.

Armpit hair:

Many men shave their limbs for various reasons. The multi-head trimmer is ideal for shaving or trimming arm hair, whether you're a competitive athlete or simply prefer a hair-free body. It's also waterproof, so you can use it both wet and dry.

Hair on the back:

Sure, body hair trimmers are available for solo shavers who want to keep their back hair under control. If you're ready to take control of your back hair, you can easily use the multi-head trimmer and make the most of your hair care time.

Your anger

Shaving your head is both punk and practical. Shorter hair is better if your hairline is falling into oblivion. You can trim to keep the sides tight or straight for a smooth, super cool, no hair residue with the trimmer guide combs.

Chest hair:

Countless men prefer a smooth chest, and shaving has the effect of enhancing muscle definition. While some men prefer waxing, researchers recommend skipping the pain and expense and investing in a multi-task trimmer instead. You can go as smooth as you want with adjustable guide combs and premium ceramic blades, avoiding cuts, pulling and painful waxing.

Facial hair:

You can use an electric hair trimmer to get a completely smooth face or to keep your beard in shape. With adjustable heads that let you choose your desired hair length, the best body hair trimmer safely trims from head to toe.

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